Spatz Heatr Head Warmer
Spatz Heatr Head Warmer
Spatz Heatr Head Warmer
Spatz Heatr Head Warmer

Spatz Heatr Head Warmer

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We designed the new Spatz ‘HEATR' HEAD WARMER to work in unison with a modern cycle helmet. The brief was to create the perfect winter head garment whether you are commuting, exploring or smashing the group on a January training ride. The head band area is warm, comfortable and wicking. It will sit unnoticed under your helmet, keeping you warm and does not affect your hearing. The head area is specifically designed as a band and not a hat so if you get too warm, you can simply pull it down to create a neck warmer without removing your helmet.

The seamless fabric is extremely stretchy so you can wear it covering your mouth and nose (with just your eyes exposed), just over your mouth (with eyes and nose exposed), over your chin (keeping your mouth uncovered) or down under your chin (exposing your whole face) whilst still keeping your ears toasty.

The neck area is thin at the rear to minimise bunching and keep neck movement free. The neck area is longer and warmer at the front to stop the cold wind from passing under your collar. The mouth and nose area is thinner and more permeable to allow easy breathing and quick drying.

The ‘HEATR” Head Warmer can be worn as:

  • A full head warmer with only the eye area open to the cold

  • A head warmer with eyes and nose exposed to the cold

  • A head warmer with eyes, nose and mouth exposed but chin covered

  • A head warmer with the full face exposed (but ears protected)

  • A neck warmer

  • A head band

The ‘HEATR’ head warmer is manufactured with seamless technology, meaning that there are no seams around the circumference of the garment to cause pressure points from your helmet or glasses. It is manufactured as a seamless “tube". We have been able to engineer each “panel” to perform it’s specific function without the need for any seams between. Each “panel” has a specific weave, texture and thickness to offer qualities such as warmth, support, articulation and moisture transport.

Using seamless manufacture means that we can sculpt garments that hug your contours beautifully without unnecessary compression or bulky zippers. Your head, face and neck will be kept warm and comfortable as you battle through the elements.

This is a garment that has to be seen and used to be believed. 


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