Prologo Scratch M5 Space Pas Nack Saddle
Prologo Scratch M5 Space Pas Nack Saddle

Prologo Scratch M5 Space Pas Nack Saddle

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The Scratch M5 is the new line of saddles that use 4.0 technologies; innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics, they are suitable for multiple uses.

Climb, sprint or long stages: no matter the challenge faced, the Scratch M5 was Pogacar's perfect ally to become the best climber, the best youngster and the best overall.

Thanks to the new "T SHAPE" design, size and ergonomics the M5 Scratch range is suitable for use by both men and women. The measurements are 250 x 147mm in width. The new MSS Multi Section System seating system, designed in co-operation with the Politecnico of Milano, helps improve comfort and performance; the active foam separated to create 5 zones working in a smart and individual way favouring the natural movement of the pedaling movement. This absorbs the vibrations that the carbon fibre body transfers to the over-saddle. The Round Shape of the M5 creates stability and support for the lumbar areas; moreover the distribution of the pressures on a greater surface.

Base Material - Carbon Long Fibre

This material improves the stability of the saddle base, providing reduced pressure and less reaction during the push and pull phase. In combination with the Tirox Rail the saddle guarantees excellent performance and comfort.


The PAS system is a channel in the base of the saddle. The hole or channel helps to maximise blood flow and supports the pelvic area while also preventing pressure peaks. This system is designed and developed to eliminate pressure and numbness to areas that need it most.

Weight: Nack: 132g / Tirox: 185g

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